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not too young for that huh lol 3 looney tunes Nah, Boss is on point. Nudity is the best and if you hate it than that's a you problem.

Maybe you're a body shamer, or maybe you don't feel comfortable in your own skin. First of all "Boss Hogg42" this is a really good TV show if you want nudity and swearing you are sick, if you can't get laid and jerk off to fucking tv shows don't comment on good tv shows just because it doesn't have nudity and swearing.

True, the first few episodes were odd, and had their problems, but the following episodes cleared things up a lot, and also developed the whole thing. In a way, it's like a study of society and people.

Though times sometimes bring out the worst or the best in people. I've read a couple of these reviews, both negative and positive. Yes, there are definitely holes and I too believe it has a slow start.

It's one of those shows where you tell yourself you'll watch this episode and go to bed then it's magically 4am.

People need to stop complaining about Lexa's death this is just a TV show.

never the less i shall keep watching because i dont want to study but i swear if there is another step back i might be pushed to start studyi The loss of momentum in season three killed this show for me, i may try and pick it up again at a later date, and i would definitely recommend seasons 1 and 2 but three slowed down way too much by taking what had been done over the previous seasons and making all pointless I was looking forward to this finale so so SO freakin' much - we were gonna get all the answers and finally kill that bitch in the red dress (C'mon it's not like they'd get away with the same "mind-control chip" advantage over our team right? the love stories are not pushed nor forced, the writers give us time to expect and make us wait with impatience till everything get official.

I've gotten to know this show through a friend and I fell in love with it until Season 3 where the show went downhill for me.If this tv show had nudity I won't be here, I fucking hate nudity. AND YOU CAN' T KEEP ME AT THIS CLIFFHANGER JUST LIKE THAT I' M GOING TO BE DEPRESSED AND DEEPLY THINKING ABOUT THIS SERIES FOR UNTIL THE NEXT EPISODE COMES OUT COMMON!!!!!!!! definitely is plagued with "token" characters to appease today's society, seems like every show now ticks a box for gay, lesbian, transsexual etc...i could really care less about it but if you find it offensive you might want to move on.They did not kill her on purpose because she represented the LGBT community. The plot has so many twists and turns and many different story lines of different characters cross paths and intertwine it's crazy.Your brain explodes pretty much with every new episode. Now, When Seeing this Tv Series for the first time i was skeptical about the quality of the show.This show is not just for young adults, sure it has romance and all the post-apocalyptic sh*t witch is awesome. A great series and if you like sci-fi and drama this is definitely worth giving a shot, but if you like a series that get new episodes frequently you might want to look another place.


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