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the poor girl was burning the candle at both ends … Though she might have me make some guest appearances! We have decided, that there will be some days that I can pry my dry ass eyelids open, drink just the perfect amount of wine and stay awake and watch the show, and then maybe sometimes I can’t …

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I just loved her energy and KNEW she would be perfect for the team, so I lured her over to the bright side … I will always be involved but now, this is Mindy’s gig! They came in like wrecking balls last night and were out to destroy everything and anything that got in their way … and they left with their middle fingers high in the air. he didn’t hold back one bit when getting in there for a kiss … It was a looong makeout session either way and I’m not sure I could ever hold my breath for that long, but they did. I actually have no idea how everyone deals with all the drama on this show, I would be a hot mess the whole time. I have to admit, I’m honestly still shocked that Derek and Taylor hit it off RIGHT from the beginning and are such a solid couple!! I think it’s because I remember her from Nick’s season and she was soooo closed off and a little bit bitchy (for lack of a better word! I think Derek really helps to bring this side out of her … I’m super excited for both of them and pleasantly surprised! Can we actually just address the twins for a moment here?? Jaimi successfully did this and Diggy was DIGGING it (sorry, I had to, I know it’s lame but I looove corny jokes) … Leonardo / Rocksteady / Mung / Alfredo / Alien / Angry Man on Street / Attila The Frog / Attila the Frog / Babyface Cleaver / Bank Guard #1 / Chester / Cop #1 / Diner Worker / Director / Dr. Given that megastar internet search engine Google became its own verb a few years ago, we've all come to acknowledge that the wide and ever-expanding engine is becoming more powerful than ever before. Warning: This short story contains scenes of an explicit nature between consenting adults and is intended only for an 18 audience.


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