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His high school class, of which he was president, had voted him most likely to succeed, and he had done so.

At the time of the party, not much more than a decade out of law school and still in his thirties, he was already district attorney of his home county. A couple drinks and then a few and then who knows how many until he was well and truly lit, until he was finally a staggering mess, until he was finally so far gone that the prospect of walking home, never mind driving, was an Everest summit attempt.

There were people from a group called Perverted Justice. There was security: a former NYPD lieutenant and an off-duty police detective from a nearby city.

And these were only the people actually within the house.

The cameraman pulls back, revealing again all the ingredients at once: the bush, the cop, the wheelbarrow, the red fence.

Anybody compiling a list of local luminaries back then might have placed the name of the man inside at or near the top.A long view from a different camera shows the same cop in the same gateway. Get a look at him and it's obvious he's the latter, standing self-consciously erect, hands on narrow hips, a plumb line between the top of his head and his heels, posture and hair perfect. and Chris Hansen, the host of "To Catch a Predator," a recurring series on NBC's television news program, arrived here at this morning, having gotten hardly any sleep the night before. Although aspects of his show are tightly choreographed, Hansen and the rest of his production team must always remain loose limbed, ready to adapt to changing circumstances and unpredictable hours.More of the house is visible, along with the broad driveway. "We should have craft services bring it in here," the first voice says, referring to the catering truck. "If he's not in there, [inaudible] gonna take some heavy abuse," the second voice says. The show's protagonists, after all, are recruited on the fly, and everything depends on them.He had been in Los Angeles a few years, a twenty-one-year-old whose naturally rosy cheeks and guileless smile make him appear much younger.The biggest gig on his résumé was a Toys "R" Us commercial, and like many struggling actors, Schrack tried to squeeze in so many auditions that he didn't have time to properly research the roles he was reading for.The cameraman zooms in past the cop to the patio area beyond, to a lattice of firewood and the blur of something green. While the shot of this particular wheelbarrow is superfluous to the television program being filmed here today and will be edited out along with most of the rest of this raw footage, there happens to be a story about the man inside the house in which a wheelbarrow plays a much more prominent role.


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