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But he is convinced that genetic dating is here to stay."I can't imagine a future when someone, who is thinking of settling down and starting a family, does not take the opportunity of not only finding someone who smells nicer but who will increase their chances of having a more satisfying sex life, someone with whom they will be more fertile and have a healthier family," he said.Knowledge gaps The website's claims are, indeed, based on solid scientific research, according to Wedekind.However, he is reserving final judgement until more facts are known.In particular, nobody knows just how different immune systems must be to find an optimum match.If the thought of sweaty t-shirts turns you right off then you could be making one of the biggest mistakes of your life, according to a new dating website.

So much so, that he set up a dating website to prove it.

This is nature's way of ensuring that their children have a varied immune system.

One such study conducted a decade ago by Claus Wedekind, then a researcher at Bern University, asked people to sniff three-day-old t-shirts and rate the sexiness of the body odour.

However, in the interests of old fashioned romance, clients also complete a personality test and meet each other to see if there is a spark.

DNA testing is just one piece of the puzzle, said Holzle."We are not creating love in a test tube.


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