Are drew barrymore and justin long still dating

is an R-rated romantic comedy that tells the story of what can happen when a one-night stand turns into something more.When Erin (Drew Barrymore) and Garrett (Justin Long) hook up, they never intend to end up in a long distance relationship that has her in San Francisco and him in New York City.

Me and Nanette really focused on what type of drunk she is, what we could ad-lib, what could be spontaneous and how she could just let loose.I wanted to play someone who was trying to make distance work with a relationship, and someone who can hang out with guys and loves women, but has a spine and is funny.I feel like I relate to that kind of person right now, in my life.We were so lucky to be surrounded by all these people. Drew: I just feel like I personally want something that I can escape into, where I can forget what’s going on around me, but I don’t want to lose sight of being able to relate to something.For me, I just want that beautiful, striking balance, and I feel like this film has that.There are so many things that you take for granted, when you enter into a long distance relationship, chief among them being the logistics of just getting from point A to B, and what is involved with that.


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