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I'm the first person to admit this relationship came out of nowhere, but godd*mmit, I am so f*cking happy it's a thing. Just both of us older, more mature and more sure of ourselves.Jai tweeted her and made a video for her explaining why she should date him.The brothers then started the hashtag #Jai Vs Luke For Ariana which trended on Twitter. Ever since then, I've been hardcore shipping these two... If you don't think they make sense together, correct yourself by watching this behind-the-scenes video from their "The Way" music video. When Ariana got off the plane, Mac greeted her on the tarmac with a long hug followed by a kiss. It was a very emotional reunion and they stood talking for a minute before getting into the car. RT to show Ariana support ❤️❤️#Manchester Arena #Its Not Your Fault Ariana #Prayfor Manchester @Ariana Grande EQ1Xz Lt ZT— PLEASE ARIANA ♡ (@aribestlover) May 24, 2017concert, that love came through once again when Miller supported her through their performances. We have loved and adored and respected each other since the beginning, since before we even met, just because we were fans of each other's talent. When we first recorded together we were young and figuring it out, which we still are, but now seeing her growth and my growth – it's great. And all of their performances, songs, and Instas prove it.When they went official, I low-key (read: high-key) sobbed. Their faces literally light up every time they're around each other, and that's how they've been ever since they released their first duet — a cover of "Baby It's Cold Outside" — back in 2012. They're both complete people, and they just complement each other. With a career decorated with an array of pop bops, looks (including a ponytail) that kill and a heart that doesn't stop giving back, we think it's fair to assume Grande has no trouble finding a beau if she so chooses.

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Jai was walking to her apartment in New York City at about 6 am and as he turned onto her street her car pulled up. Frankie filmed a New Years Eve vlog on his You Tube channel, and when everyone yelled "Happy New Year", Ariana and Jai can be seen kissing each other as it turns midnight.They officially began to date on October 7, 2012 and tweeted that they loved each other on Twitter.In the months following, they planned for Jai to fly out to New York City around New Years Eve to meet and spend time with Ariana.Jai has a twin brother named Luke Brooks and an older brother named Beau Brooks.He is part of a group called the Janoskians (Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation Skip) with 4 other friends (Luke Brooks, Beau Brooks, James Yammouni, Daniel Sahyounie) who have been posting comedy videos on You Tube since September 2011.He met Ariana Grande through Twitter in the summer of 2012.


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