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It was the first of four (possibly five) albums with the same title. He played a pivotal role creating and bringing to the public innovative sounds and new music from a revolutionary instrument, the "electronic organ," made not by the well-established pioneer Wurlitzer, but a hybrid Hammond Organ Company.Soon after Korla released his "maiden album" on 's new Fantasy records label, which was a fledgeling label enjoying considerable success with such legends as Dave Brubeck, Chet Baker, Gerry Mulligan, Lenny Bruce and Odetta. It was with Fantasy Records that Korla made numerous stereophonic recordings along with other mono recordings (footnote 16). Meade promoted Korla Pandit in a two hour concert at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium which - according to the September 22 1951 issue of The Billboard - drew 1, 950 persons and grossed ,500.00. Korla Pandit was a man who found himself in the right place at the right time, moved with his opportunities, and grew into his self-developed personality comfortably, even brilliantly.According to the Internet website, Old Time Radio Theme Titles in Radio, (footnote 12) a man by the name of Felix Mills composed the title theme for the 1932 radio serial version. (note: back in the day, married women almost always replaced their middle name with their maiden name, which is why Doshia O'Nina Johnson-Redd is noted as Doshia Johnson Redd.) - June 26, 1925, p. Fortunately, a wealth of personal photos went to high bidders, collectors and dealers Ross Wilson and George Boccanfuso, both of Santa Rosa, California, who made their purchases available for inclusion on the Official Korla Pandit website: When Juan Rolando, as he was known to the show's cast members, took over the reigns as the music director and organist for the newly resurrected program, he used Mills' original "Chandu Theme" for the show and later claimed authorship, renaming it as his own Trance Dance. While the family had known for decades about Korla's other children, perhaps because of the times, perhaps because of possible damage to his reputation, and certainly because it was requested, nothing was ever said of them unless you somehow already knew.Only a few of these shows were recorded via 16 mm film or "kinescope" process. In over 900 episodes (footnote 14), Korla played romantic compositions while gazing alluringly into the camera and, therefore, right into the television sets of millions of homes throughout the . Throughout his career, Korla Pandit continued making recordings and many are still available on cassette, vinyl album and compact disc, especially on the Internet website, e Bay. Additional firsthand information and photos supplied by Mrs. Frances "Frankie" Langford-Johnson and group photo of the Redd family), Ms.

Redd was the pastor of the Second Baptist Church in Columbia, Phelps County, Missouri (1912-1918; 1931-1944), and the 8th & Center Streets Baptist Church in Hannibal, Marion County, Missouri (1922-1931). The Duke Ellington meeting, as with several items in the article, is pure speculation.While little is known of these earliest years, (footnote 6) he indeed was descended from a long line of talented individuals. She related to family members, including a Hannibal, Missouri, cousin, that it was out of respect for her brother (to paraphrase) that she never said anything publicly and only spoke of his familial relationship to other family members who already knew.It seemed only natural that Korla would excel in music, or in whatever endeavor he pursued (footnote7). - The second sermon of the series on "Domestic happiness" will be preached by Rev. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, and through the combined efforts of family members David Marshall-Rutledge de Clue, of St.In the fall of 1948, Juan Rolando appeared at the opening of the Between June 28, 1948, and January 28, 1949, Korla Pandit (not Juan Rolando) was credited on the air as the Music Director for the revival of a popular radio show entitled Chandu The Magician, which had originally made its debut in 1932. Redd's wife, Doshia), and that his uncle, Frank Burnam De Clue, had previously worked with several of those interviewed in Columbia.26.The shows aired five days per week and were always live. An avid photographer and painter, many of his works are still around, with quite a few having been offered at auction on the Internet website, e Bay, in May and June of 2004.On July 31, 1865, when Phil and Nancy remarried after the end of the Civil War, as former slaves were required to do, Frances was listed as one of four children born to them while they lived as husband and wife while slaves. It was a mutual "respect" of each other's climb to the top, in a way that many White entertainers and movie stars had always done!


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