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With that being said, I feel compelled to share my experiences and the experiences of many other women.

So for all the guys out there who have ever avoided a relationship for whatever reason you tell yourselves, this is for you.

You actually have to work to get to know another person.

Whats amusing is that most boys will put in effort just to tell the girl that they "don't want a relationship right now."When a guy finds a woman who is down with the "F**k buddy" role, he thinks he hit the lottery.

In other words, he is saying "I like doing relationship things with you, but I don't think I want to be in a relationship with you". They're scared of what the potential relationship might change and they're gullible to think that they couldn't be happier than they are in that moment.

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If you feel weird about the situation, if you’re no longer comfy in the ambiguity, speak your mind. Be prepared for the “wrong answer,” but then you’re free to move on — Beyoncé, should you take this or should I? My friend Monty said, “It’s been five years since I’ve been in a relationship. ”Another friend, Casey, offered a bit of insight: “We can feel backed into a corner when you bring up ‘the talk,’ like we’re being accused of something and about to get in trouble.” He suggested trying to figure out where the guy’s mind is headed instead. When you got there would you play your hardest to try and win the game or just say "I made it this far and that's good enough?" You'd play your hardest and be committed to the game.“Ask him questions about where he sees himself in a few years. I mean let's be honest, who needs a romance when your bromance is on a whole other level?The need to define it is ranked about as low as one’s need to “check in” with a clock.


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