Brightmail antivirus not updating

Brightmail technicians create custom rules to block this spam in realtime.

These rules are downloaded to Brightmail servers, also in realtime.

The Brightmail server uses its rules and data to determine if the message is a spam or virus (3), and returns a verdict to the MTA.

Based on the verdict, the MTA either (4a) discards the message or files the message into a folder, or (4b) delivers it normally to the destination.

As soon as you set the proper date, the problem would be solved. In this case you should download Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool and run a system scan. If you use a laptop, check the energy-saving settings of your security solution. If the energy saving setting (‘Disable scheduled tasks while running on battery power’) is checked, then your antivirus will not update antivirus databases until your device is plugged in. Open the Update Settings and check, which access rights are used to run the program. While here, you should choose the administrator account.

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The MTA has configuration settings to tell it whether and where to load the Brightmail SDK to enable Brightmail integration.

Once the SDK is loaded, Brightmail message processing is determined by several factors and levels of granularity (the term used by Brightmail to specify active processing is optin).

The Brightmail servers can be located on the same system as the MTA, or it can be on a separate system.These rules are used by customer’s Brightmail servers to catch spam and viruses.The MTA uses the Brightmail SDK to communicate with the Brightmail Server.Selected Brightmail configuration file options are shown in Table 14–2.The most complete listing of Brightmail configuration file options can be obtained from Brightmail. Table 14–2 Selected Brightmail Configuration File Options This attribute specifies what domain(s) are considered to be local.There can be multiple lines of this attribute specifying several domains which are all considered local.


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