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They were available in 12ga only until 1925 when the 16ga came out. Round about WWII, Remington started making model 11s as Belgium was under German occupation.Model 11s are worth about half what A5s are (at best) and the parts are not interchangeable.From 1962 serial numbers were followed by the date of manufacture.

Such as G38000, meaning standard (might be light) 12ga and then the #.

Anyway, you can check it all out on Brownings' website just incase you aren't completely confused by now. Andy, you also answered two other questions for me; when they switched over to Japan manufacture and when the round knob ceased. Another question I have is about something I read over on

In May of this year a reader wrote in asking the value for his A5.

From his description it appears to be one of the first 10,000 produced. It seems to me that the first 10,000 units would be the holy grail of A5's.

The value they gave is basically what I see on the price tags on the gun store racks. Are they afraid to stick a high number on it without seeing it or am I just giving too much value to one of the first few?


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