Bt broadband usage monitor not updating

If something is still wrong, email or give us call, we are always happy to help Broadband means very simply, a high-speed connection to the Internet that is 'always on'.Satellite broadband can now deliver up to 22Mbps* download speeds across Europe.For (a) you can check your status at any time via the Customer Portal.For (b) – still the most common resolution is to re-boot the router (turn it off and then on again).We offer several different satellite broadband services with the widest range of data choices for consumer and business.

We also offer unlimited (uncapped) overnight options on selected packages.All satellite packages are "up to" services which means that speeds will vary depending on network usage by all customer.However, at Avonline, we offer customers on our Avanti service a Unique Service Promise which guarantees an average speed of 9Mbps averaged across all customers on a rolling 30 day basis.In general, no satellite service is ideal for: If you specifically need to do one or more of the above, we recommend that you call us for some advice before you make any decision and we are always happy to advise on such matters.See also the Technical section below that has further information on latency.PLEASE NOTE: The overall reliability of modern satellites is extremely good.


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