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He receives no writing credit but the show falls neatly into line with his other Tony Curtis movies about con artists and social climber -- Mister Cory, The Perfect Furlough.Petticoat also dovetails nicely with co-writer Stanley Shapiro's later Doris Day / Rock Hudson comedies, with their plunge into the double standard of sexism.Adding to the fun, both fore and aft, are a talented cast of supporting players that include Joan O'Brien (The Alamo), Dina Merrill (The Sundowners), Gene Evans (Shock Corridor), Dick Sargent (TV's Bewitched), Arthur O'Connell (April Love), Gavin Mac Leod (TV's The Love Boat), Madlyn Rhue (A Majority of One) and Marion Ross (TV's Happy Days).Operation Petticoat's Academy Award® nominated screenplay was written for the screen by Stanley Shapiro and Maurice Richlin (suggested by a story by Paul King and Joseph Stone) and photographed by the great Russell Harlan (Red River, Rio Bravo).The storyline plots the course of a submarine that steers away from confrontations with the enemy.The Sea Tiger is severely damaged in the first days of the war, before its captain Lt.Together they enliven this audience-pleaser set aboard the Sea Tiger, a broken-down submarine that welcomes five navy nurses below decks for a perilous ocean voyage -- running away from the enemy.Director Blake Edwards' career was just beginning to kick into high gear.

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Not only is the ship now an eyesore, but a target for both the Japanese and American forces.The film's biggest laugh line is the deathless announcement, "We sunk a truck!" Operation Petticoat is not an anything-goes service comedy like Operation Mad Ball, in which doofus officers are snookered by miscreant Sgt. All the ingredients are there but the script and direction keep the show within the limits of credibility.Commander Matt Sherman (Cary Grant) has even left port.Sherman's crew re-floats the sub aided by the illicit scavenging talents of his new officer Lt. They set sail for the safety of Australia, along the way picking up five stranded nurses. Limping along and barely held together with it's borrowed parts, the Sea Tiger gets some unexpected company when five stranded Army nurses are brought aboard.


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