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“There are new forms of child sexual abuse that have been appearing together with the boom of technology,” adds Mr Nguyen Khanh Hoi.

“Sexually abusive acts, such as uploading child abuse images via sex websites or sex chatting with children or forcing children to reveal their bodies via webcam, are not generally recognised as forms of sexual abuse.

The study was cross-sectional, population-based and performed in 2012, using online respondent-driven sampling.As a general rule, children should never chat to strangers online,” says Mr Nguyen Khanh Hoi, National Coordinator of Project Childhood Prevention Pillar of World Vision Vietnam.The report indicates that the internet was also used by sex offenders to de-sensitise children to acts of abuse.The report recommends child sexual abuse prevention education, particularly for parents and carers, children and community members.“We know from international experience that child sexual abuse prevention education is an effective preventative mechanism to build resilience against abuse in vulnerable communities”, says Aarti Kapoor, “Children and adults need the information, skills and strategies to protect children from all kinds of sexual abuse – whether committed by a stranger, foreigner, local person, friend or family member”.“We cannot get sustainable success in child sexual abuse prevention and protection by raising awareness of only one separate targeted group.We also cannot impose or prohibit children from their desire of exploring the world by using internet and technology.It is unknown which behavioural factors are most important in driving these epidemics.


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