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I've just come back from visiting my son, in Wales ...... I was thinking mostly of missing the spectacular sight of you brightening up that dismal Oviso- sitting on an airplane for 8 hours. LOL, you are going to let us know the date and approximate time?There’s a healthy porn industry with gorgeous girls that love to fuck.Time for an update on a pile of volcanic rumbling, with a special focus on Central America: Costa Rica This weekend saw a couple of eruptions from volcanoes across the valley from each other.

Meanwhile, Poás had a few small explosions at the volcano’s summit crater lake.The latest SERNAGEOMIN report on the volcano reported an increase in earthquakes 8-10 kilometers beneath the volcano combined with the beginning of inflation of the volcano.These two signs would suggest that we might expect more eruptions from Calbuco, although exactly when that might happen is very unclear.You can see the newest ~800 meter-long lava flows on the INSIVUMEH webcam pointed at Fuego and the volcano has been sending ash and debris over 5 kilometers (~16,500 feet) above sea level.The eruption lasted ~10 hours and due to this continued unrest at the volcano, the restriction zone of 2 kilometers around the vent.This new energetic phase at Fuego is likely to continue and potentially get stronger according to INSIVUMEH volcanologists.


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