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In the Alpine regions, the Krampus is a mythical horned figure represented as accompanying Saint Nicholas.

Krampus acts as an anti–Saint Nicholas, who, instead of giving gifts to good children, gives warnings and punishments to the bad children.

While some customs survived only in the remote valleys inaccessible to the church's influence, other customs were actively assimilated over the centuries.

In light of the dwindling rural population of the Alps, many customs have evolved into more modern interpretations.

The animal is made to tell the people of the town gossip.

Land at the Barcelona airport and take the provided shuttle to the group's hotel, located right in the very heart of Las Ramblas.

Throughout history, theaters, music cafes and flamenco bars have opened up in this area.

It brings together the bustling and cosmopolitan culture, leisure, traditional gastronomy, popular places and all types of shops.

Tonight meet and greet with your tour leader and your fellow single travelers then walk to a local restaurant for an optional dinner.


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