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Kate turns and sees Max pointing to the traffic light.

In the backseat, Max-CLAPS her hands to get Kate's attention.

Kate slips out of bed and quickly pads to the bathroom; INT.

KATE I drove by the wine shop,on bome the other day.

when people speak to her, they must face her and/or sign.) Kate kisses Max's'head and helps her into the van, buckling her car seat. KATE AND JOHN'S BEDROOM - NIGHT -- then snaps awake. We now see that she's not pregnant in reality, only in her nightmare. KATE AND JOHN'S BATHROOM - NIGHT Kate closes the door. BROWNING A lot of women experience difficulties around the anniversary of the miscarriage or the baby's expected due date. Rate's eyes go wide w ith horror as the smiling Nurse approaches with a wriggling bundle wrapped in a blanket. She slides to the cold floor in t he dark, a hand on her flat belly as she starts to cry... DOCTOR BROWNING'S OFFICE - DAY Water TRICKLES in a little Zen fountain. Every time she tries to shoot, the ball falls short and BANGS against the house. Kate opens-the door, angrily signing as she speaks: Stop banging that against the house!


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