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I can’t tell you how many reps you should do, but it’s always a good rule of thumb to follow the “Rule of 7.” If you can lift any given weight more than 7 times, it’s too light for you and you need to bump it up.

Oh, and one more thing: LIMIT YOUR CARDIO EXERCISE!

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While I don’t often hear comments about my weight when I’m alone, I do get a very strong message about my weight in the context of my dating life.

Sure, I’m more shredded than taco cheese, but still skinny as a rail. You see, the bicep muscles are so small compared to the rest of the muscles in your body that you’d benefit more from doing COMPOUND EXERCISES, which I’ll get into later.

In an effort to actively put on mass, I started conducting my own research but this time, instead of listening to natural “mesomorphs” a.k.a bodybuilder types, I limited my scope of research to testimonials of skinny guys who figured out a way around their cursed genetics to gain actual, real mass. Nothing beats staring at yourself while you’re curling barbells in the mirror. Your chest, for example, is the fastest muscle to grow, along with your back and legs.

Before I met him, people warned me — both implicitly and outright — that because I opted to only date the men I found attractive (novel idea, right?

), that I was a "superficial fat chick." They said if a guy was attracted to me, I should be grateful! I kept my standards high started dating a Dwyane Wade look-a-like. What if their emotional connection and understanding of each other is breathtaking? These crazy myths will have us thinking we don’t "match” with certain people even if they’re interested in us — what does that even mean?


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