Dating an emotionless man

…a Japanese mother…had married her college sweetheart, the veritable big man of campus, and who was Caucasian.She has 3 sons, two of them who looked white and had no confidence and social issues. But her third and youngest son, 14 years old, looked the most Asian and was the shyest, least confident and least outgoing of her sons.

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I text him but he just said “sorry to bother you, good night”. This kind of communication happens every now and then, these days. You say that you fell in love, not we and that’s quite telling.

Easier in that I could slurp noodles and gnaw at chicken feet unabashed.

And easier on my ego, because when I asked an Asian-American girl for her phone number, she would give it.

You’re either trying to avoid something or trying to avoid something…

Basically, you are pursuing a relationship that is doomed because you’re afraid of pursuing a relationship with a decent man that Hi, I’m Natalie!


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