Dating antique cookie cutters

I’m the first to admit that I can’t follow directions.Not even the cartoonish Ikea directions that are supposed to be interpretable in every language.My first batch of from-scratch cookies were Raspberry-Jam Filled Linzer Cookies that were to-die-for. I thought my out-of-the-date success must have been a fluke.But, now everyone who tried those perfect morsels of buttery goodness ask me to make cookies on the regular.We spent thousands of dollars on this action to make sure that consumers clearly see where products are made.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that the largest manufacturer in the US is right down the road in Rutland, creating more than 2.6 million cookie cutters in over 2,000 dies annually in heir 16,300-square foot facility that previously was a Keebler® factory.The issues involved include economics, politics, and product safety.It’s so important to us that in 2014, we filed a lawsuit in federal court because our competitor was not marking that the imported product was made in China as required by law.When you have a hard time following directions, baking can be a challenge.I pride myself on being able to open up the fridge and throw together a tasty meal with whatever I have on hand.After inheriting a huge tin of antique cookie cutters over a year ago, I became determined to learn the proper way to measure dry ingredients.


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