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Up in Scotland, the city of Edinburgh and its mix of ancient architecture and cultural feel might appeal to somebody who values tradition, while architecture-lovers in England will find plenty of interest in Oxford or Cambridge.

The largely deserted Orkney Islands on the other hand, with its stronghold of wildlife and incredible coastal scenery might appeal to an outdoor adventure-seeker.

In such a diverse yet distinctive nation like the UK, our towns and cities each have a unique flavour and appeal.’ Taking a walking tour of your local area is of the best cheap date ideas for introverts.Not only will you and your date get to find out more about your town or city but there’s no pressure to make small talk while the guide is speaking.Unleash your inner child, go see a bad film or rock anything else on the list. It’s a myth that introverts are shy, boring, hate social social situations and don’t like people.Want to know what some of our amazing partners suggested for their 100 Must Do London Dates?


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