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Among them is the treatment of prostate cancer with the innovative treatment of Irreversible Electroporation (IRE, Nano Knife) which is a gentle yet effective replacement of surgery.

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Stefan Zapf, MA, MD, studied Biology and Medicine at the University of Mainz, Germany.

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Stehling served as Research Assistant to Sir Peter Mansfield, Prof of Physics and Nobel Prize winner in Medicine in 2003 (for discoveries concerning magnetic resonance imaging).

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They can serve as a guidance, but have often not yet been adequately investigated to be able to meet the standards of evidence based medicine and are thus not incorporated into the treatment guidelines. For patients who do not want to undergo the standard of care, for instance because they do not want the side effects that come along with it, we at the Prostate Center offer novel diagnostic and therapy modalities, as soon as they have general approval (FDA, CE).Within a 30-minute drive, golf enthusiasts will find at least four superb golf courses.Gran Hotel Son Net is easily accessible by car and offers complimentary parking. After approximately 5 km take the MA20 Via de Cintura (direction Andratx).Since the German S3 treatment guidelines for prostate cancer are only updated every few years, we focus on the treatment guidelines of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) of the United States to meet our needs for up-to-date advice on handling prostate cancer treatment guidelines NCCN prostate cancer.The guidelines are updated regularly by experts to the newest medical knowledge.Nach Aktivierung der Funktion werden alle Dateien automatisch auch in der Cloud gespeichert – und stehen dabei dank „Cloud made in Germany“ unter strengem Datenschutz.


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