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There is a magic to the solid and systematic translation of user insights and models into your design.This course has evolved from “How to develop effective CRT screens’ prepared for IBM in 1982.I thank HFI for opening the new horizon; I really keep asking myself why I didn’t think of it earlier than I did.” “Before I earned my CUA, I was already top ranked here.There was no higher level for me to be promoted to, and no way for me to earn any more money.But having solid data on taskflows and mental models.And, it is most critical to know how you take those results and feed them into actionable designs.That mainframe course has been evolved and refined for all this time (all our courses get quarterly updates).

“Second, the certification has improved my credibility with the organization and on my own team.I speak with experts on the forums, and receive emails from HFI with relevant news.There are even people from my HFI courses who I am now friends with, whom I would not have met otherwise.That said, this class will give you a great foundation for selecting and running usability tests.Usability testing is a powerful way of convincing executives as to the value of our work.Because we cover very specifically, the pragmatic stuff you need to know This is really the core course for user centricity.


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