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In all of those, you are rated as uncool, fine, stylish, and super stylish; play a dice slot; and yadda yadda. Without the truncheon, your chances of winning are 11% or 33%. and though I’m sad and lonely, I’d rather drop money on ice cream than a fake ninja boyfriend.

How did you guys feel about your abacus/math skills being rated as “stylish”? CS: I mean, at least they sort of recognized that we might have intellect; they just rated it with beauty terms...that’s a small step for womankind. You have to pass “Stylish Level Checkpoints,” with Aoi -- the blue-haired ninja, who is a hairstylist -- appropriately judging your style level. CS: Nope, in fact, I think the game should pay for playing it.

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To succeed in this game, you must contort yourself to fit the mold designed by the vigilante you chose to play with, instead of finding someone who respects and cares for you, and enjoys you the way you are. But she was a cute, innocent, clumsy maiden that was not relatable at all and that trope is so overdone but sells really well in Japan.

If I wanted that good ending, I had to give the right submissive response, no matter how much it grated my soul.


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