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Studies show older married couples are staying sexually active later. National Council on Aging study found sex didn't stop with a few grey hairs.And seniors dating after divorce or the death of a spouse are sampling an increasingly spicy singles scene. Findings showed 71 per cent of men in their 60s, 57 per cent in their 70s and 27 per cent over 80 engaged in sexual activity at least once a month."People are recognizing that their sexuality is lifelong," Kelly said.He describes a trend in nursing care toward allowing dating and cohabiting between unmarried couples.

Cela ne ferait que créer un conflit qui n'existe pour l'instant pas avec lui.

His equally bawdy web- site of the same name gets more than five million hits a month.

"We were brought up in a very sexually repressive age," said Kaiser, 70.

Today's seniors are meeting their sometimes medically enhanced later years with a more liberated mindset, with access to multiple partners through the Internet and with more movies and books that depict their sexual adventures.

But with more grannies getting busy, there is an increased need for education about health risks.


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