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It will always be a day of protest for as long as there are things that need to be protested against.

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Before then, in the lead to the 1888 celebrations, Henry Parkes the premier of NSW at the time was asked if he was planning anything for Aboriginal people on Australia, to which he simply retorted, ‘And remind them that we have robbed them? He knew that Australia Day was not a celebratory day from an Aboriginal perspective, and did not bother with the pretense that it ever could be.The first act that was passed after Federation was the Immigration Restriction Act 1901, commonly referred to as the White Australia Policy.Wouldn’t the day that Australia abolished this act and, on paper at least, welcomed non-white migrants into Australia make more sense as a day to celebrate ‘what is great about Australia and being Australian’.If we want to see Australia as a colonial outpost for the British then maybe that day makes sense, but if we want to regard Australia as a ‘vibrant multicultural nation’, and if we want to regard Indigenous peoples as a core part of the modern Australian identity then it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to have Australia Day on that date.A common alternative that people suggest is Federation which will never happen, mostly because it is on the 1st of January, but even if it wasn’t is that really a day that would inspire us all want to ‘come together as a nation’?It is not just Indigenous people who have a long history of opposition to this date.


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