Dating tin types

Margo Memmott conducted a tin can identification workshop open to all Nevada Archaeological Association (NAA) members on March 27, 2015. Margo Memmott is with Broadbent, one of the top archaeology companies serving the Western United States.ABSTRACT: Cans are a common component in archaeological sites in the Great Basin.Note: you can refer to locked and double side seams as crimped because it is difficult to tell the difference between the two.

This workshop is intended to offer a practical approach to recording and analyzing tin cans.

University of Utah, Bureau of Land Management, and U. There is an old version of Simonis, but the 1997 version is more accurate. It also contains pages of color thumbnail images of beer can lithography organized alphabetically by brand. Maxwell presents data on beer cans dating from 1935 through the 1980s. Historical Archaeology 18(2):97-111 Rock demonstrates that the study of tin cans is useful for gaining an understanding the behavior of Anglo settlers in the American West. This is the most commonly distributed work from Rock because it has been published as a facsimile by Coyote Press. Forest Service, Klamath National Forest, Yreka, California. They offer a great deal of information on cans and are arguably the most complete information available about tin cans and how to identify them in archaeological contexts.

A chart with can contents and sizes is included, but be warned that such charts are of little use because there was so much variability in the use of can sizes through time that it is difficult to confidently link can sizes with a particular food. Each beer can image is accompanied by brand name, type of beverage, brewery name, city and state of brewery, date of can, type of can, and construction. This means the article includes information on aluminum cans. Reno has assembled data from Simonis and other sources and placed them into a handy table with references. He also offers some useful history on how tin cans were made. The guide is filled with details about the history of cans and how to date cans based on their morphological attributes. You can get a PDF of what appears to be the 1989b revised edition. Facsimile by Coyote Press, Salinas, California This can chronology is 40 pages long.

Priscilla Wegars (volunteer curator), Asian American Comparative Collection, Laboratory of Anthropology, University of Idaho.

Electronic document, in the Southern Oregon University Laboratory of Anthropology and made available by Southern Oregon University Hannon Library. Webpage Address: This web page is not an archaeology-based source of information.


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