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“We felt that in light of recent developments since 9/11 it might be helpful to reprint the book, bringing it up to date since the turn of the century,” writes Graham’s son, Franklin, in the book’s foreword.The book looks at current events and how they relate to Biblical prophecy, especially a small part of the book of Revelations.Switch your i Phone setting to auto-lock when you aren’t working. Basic security measures like enabling your four-digit i Phone password can help protect sensitive data while minimizing the risk of high bills if it becomes lost or stolen.Always make sure to lock your device when it isn’t in your hand.“Scripture speaks of earthquakes, wars, and rumors of wars, and warns us with urgency to prepare for the storms to come,” writes Graham.God may bring storms, Graham posits, but He also offers shelter.

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Missionaries can be anyone from young adults to retirees. “Many of them have left prominent positions of ministry and successful careers in America and embraced a different lifestyle, isolated from family and friends.They persevere and labor faithfully, compelled by a vision of seeing a lost world transformed.” To help Americans understand what missionary work involves, the International Mission Board (IMB) recently released a book, “Voices of the Faithful: Book Two, Inspiring Stories of Courage from Christians Serving Around the World.” The book shares the compelling stories of over 300 IMB missionaries.“A willingness to go is all they have in common,” exclaims compiling editor, Kim P.Voluntourism trips can mean anything from religious missions to helping plant flowers, working with children, or taking human rights tours or conservation safaris.The travel industry acknowledges that voluntourism has become a major new trend — companies offering voluntourism packages are making money despite the economic downturn.You sell an idea when you persuade someone to your point of view or an image when you meet someone for the first time.


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