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Fixed an issue for the Mac version of Productivity Tools where, if a user scheduled a recurring meeting series and dragged one of the meetings in the Microsoft Outlook calendar to become an exception, the Web Ex site didn't display the information correctly for the exception meeting.

Fixed an issue in the Windows version of Productivity Tools where users were unable to schedule a Personal Room meeting without selecting the "Other Teleconference" audio connection option if the site configuration for audio was set to "Other Teleconference" by default.

Fixed an issue where registration links that were copied from email messages to Microsoft Word did not open the registration page, but instead redirected to a page asking for the user to enter the meeting number.

Fixed an issue where Productivity Tools for the Mac wouldn't allow deleting Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR) Hybrid meeting when the Cisco Tele Presence Management Suite (Cisco TMS) service URL in site administration ended with a slash "/".

Fixed an issue in in a Web Ex and Tele Presence (CMR Hybrid) meeting where, if the Web Ex application stopped responding when the first joined the meeting, video could not be started for the remainder of the meeting.

Fixed an issue where the text "Add to Calendar" was displayed in the meeting email with a blank link when the option "i Calendar (Show Add to My Calendar for MC, TC and EC)" was not enabled by the site administrator.

Fixed an issue for Productivity Tools users who have SAML single sign-on (SSO) enabled where the site URL has uppercase letters.Fixed an issue where site administrators couldn’t perform the user import and export at the backup site when the “support GSB do import/export user option was disabled for the site,” and showed the message to customers for notification Fixed an issue that caused confusion about the partial recording playback feature by adding a recording description in the Edit Recorded Meeting page to clarify that specifying start and end time will impact both playback and downloaded recordings.Fixed an issue where the meeting series time would not be displayed correctly on the Web Ex site when scheduling through Microsoft Outlook (the Outlook mail application time zone differed from the time zone on the Web Ex site).Webix allows loading data of any supported formats like JSON, XML, CSV, or JSArray. Let’s imagine that you want to create a catalog of movies.Here’s an example of data that you can use: Now, everything looks neater: Data templates allow configuration of the way data is presented inside the component after loading.Meeting Center: In some cases, when a Power Point file is being shared through file sharing, and auto-advance slides is being used, the text on the Start/Stop button does not refresh properly.


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