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This consideration will then serve as a foundation for the attempt of developing a framework of corporate social responsibility which goes beyond increasing profits only.

Friedman commences his article by accusing those discussing about corporate social responsibility of “analytical looseness and lack of rigor” and claims that as a whole “business […] cannot be said to have responsibilities” (Friedman, 1970/1993, p. Thus, in an attempt toward clarity in this discussion he narrows down the definition of business to corporations as artificial entities in general and their executive employees in particular.

Rachels definition of the social contract as “[…] the set of rules, governing how people are to treat one another, that rational people will agree to accept, for their mutual benefit, on the condition that others follow those rules as well” (Rachels, n.d., § 4) provides useful help here.

CACREP (2009) standards incorporate trauma training within all eight core curricular areas of demonstrated knowledge and within each core counseling track.

Section II, , says that counselors should understand the “effects of …

This paper will focus on the aspect of corporate social responsibility rather than the issue of corporate governance.

Although not as hot as corporate governance, corporate social responsibility is certainly no less important as incidents like the Exxon Valdez accident in 1989 clearly demonstrate.


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