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Expect dedicated play spaces, rarified atmosphere, ambience, incense, mirrors, and sound systems.(Some images were taken elsewhere.)Play partners usually identify as one or more of the following: bondage bottom, spanking enthusiast, fetishist, cross dresser, role play psycho dramatist, masochist or slave, etc.The extra fee quoted will cover the time spent on editing and communicating about the scene pre play. Mentioning anything that specifically does not interest Me in your introductory email for any reason or addressing Me incorrectly will result in no response.(You would receive an edited DVD once completed.) These terms are non negotiable. I am addressed as Ms Boss at all times until I say otherwise.I am a CMU grad with post graduate level education: A Dominant Kinky Female perfectionist, seriously Discipline minded with a wink and a sly grin. Bondage with nipple play and/or CBT, electro (tens, rimba, Eros tech, pleasure tech, medtronic, voice activated), Nova Pro, Venus 2000 and SKM.

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If no payment is made, nothing is written down and there is likewise nothing to cancel.The Compound owns the rights to any material featuring Myself on or off premises. I do not "film clips", but I do own and operate a that is updated with samplings from various projects.Requests for sessions to be filmed are an additional tribute (double). "Real" surgical procedures (the Compound is not a hospital), direct sexual contact (ass, breast or pussy worship), forced bi, pies, and / or cuckolding, activities ending in the word "job" or "ingus", mentoring (no free time - sorry), unsupervised bondage "abandonment", insects or animals in scene, providing slaves for forced bi, fem subs or male dominants (The Compound is strictly a Classical Fem Dom studio), switch or submissive sessions, "GFE" (or escort), massage or modeling, trades or bartering, personal slavery, employment opportunities, extreme physical assaults that mimic domestic violence or abuse, substances are not provided such smoking, inhalants, drugs or alcohol, permanent damage including castration is not possible, wrestling, holds or chokes do not take place, FTT or BS of any variety is not offered, written contracts for sessions are not considered, and "dating" or "shopping" does not take place. I do not require gifts or tribute outside of the time you arrange with me at the studio.Mistress dating is one of the largest sites for people who are into bdsm and fetish fantasies.If you have a fetish and looking to join others then join mistress dating for free.Nipple play, CBT, CP (Corporal) with paddles, slappers, lashes, single tail, bull whips, buggy whips, signal whips, crops, and canes, and custom bondage devices, chastity play, dt, deportment (slave training - postures, commands, and etiquette - also part of D/s).


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