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B [8-31-2014] [Vendor: The Polka Nuts](Banda Machos, Sony Music Latin 8869-777635-9, 2010; DVD, also available as an audio CD) It's been eight years since I last reviewed a banda CD.

This is the compilation I would have programmed if they hadn't thought of it first."All I can say is what a cool concept for a web page.Obviously you put a good deal of time into what you do and it shows.He played polkas for 25 years with Jimmy Sturr and for many of those years also led the Odessa Klezmer Band as they gigged around New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.The title tune, "Who Stole the Kishka," is a Walt Solek polka classic from the 1950s.B [11-4-2012] [Vendor: (Various artists, Trikont US-289) My number one favorite polka album.


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