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Please let me know if there is any way of doing this.

Thanks in Advance Hello there, Why don't you use Session managment provided by and y...

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If you don't mind modifying your app, you could change it to check for cookies with an Issue Date older than the date you changed the password, and force the user to reidentify himself.The final idea is that if someone steels that ticket In particular, I'm working in C# but as it's rellated to the Dotnet Framework any implementation of the solution would be OK; I tried all the possible things and nothing worked out, even invalidating the session but nothing.You are using authentication mode as forms right thats why your ticket is named .Net Profiler Here is the situation with the customized profiler.// Nothing to do if the user is not yet authenticated if (!DLL" and there is a web site that is using this dll.My problem is that the cookie created by the previous authentication should be sitting in a computer somewhere.


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