Eddie lloyd davis dating in the dark

Julie tells her mother about the conversation and Susan begins to investigate further.

Before Susan's date with Mike, Julie convinces her to change her clothes and look less old.

Growing up, Julie was the perfect child for Susan; she was often seen as the mother in their relationship as she cooked, cleaned and even gave her mother dating advice.

She seemed to be a happy child to others, but secretly her childhood had damaged her significantly, causing her to lose control in later life.

When Susan and Mike declare that they are moving in together, Susan grows suspicious and decides to stalk him.

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When Martha Huber blackmails Susan about burning down Edie's house because she found her measuring cup in the wreckage, Julie steals the cup back from Mrs.She says she feels very lucky for having had Julie, but found herself overwhlemed (Julie said "you and me both"); Julie tells her mom she needs to come clean to Mike.Julie vouches for Susan that she was sleeping with Mike on the night of Mrs.Susan lies and tells Mike that she has a clog in her drain so that he can come and fix it, Julie helps her clog it and they stuff her homework project of the Trojan horse down the drain.Julie comes to Mike's house for Susan's "traditional 'welcome to the neighborhood' dinner parties" that she made up as an excuse to have dinner with Mike, Julie tags along.They go to the dance together and Zach gets her a corsage.


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