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She told Weinsier that she was the cleaning woman and didn't even work there.

And so were the deputies who responded to the owner’s call at Triple D’s Landing, Sheriff Ricky Adam said. “I’d hate to have to tell Mama and Daddy I got arrested for such as that.” Deputies arrested a 26-year-old Biloxi woman, a 19-year-old woman from Pearl River, Louisiana, and a 30-year-old Texas man whose hometown wasn’t immediately available Monday.Hialeah Mayor Carlos Hernandez also refused to sit down and watch Local 10's hidden camera video."If there is an issue or a crime, we will look into it," the mayor told Weinsier. Deputies looked out the window and saw the man and one of the women engaged in sexual activity before the deputies revealed their presence, he said. The business off Mississippi 603 was closed Wednesday when the owner drove up to take care of some business.With a lot of designer denim brands around what makes this one stand out is that the jeans are made specifically to fit curvier silhouettes.


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