Fun dating games for teens

dirty.) Stand in a circle in boy-girl-boy-girl order.Pass a playing card around the circle using only your mouths, so the person with the card on their mouth has to "blow" it onto the next person's mouth as that person "sucks" it in. Two people get up on "stage," and the rest of the group shouts out a situation (like, "buying a puppy") and a relationship (like, "husband and wife") that they have to improvise a scene around. " taps one of the performers on the shoulder, replaces them and starts a new scene, based on a new situation that they make up.At any time, someone from the audience can yell, "Freeze! The game keeps going until everyone has a turn on stage.

Twister is always a classic party game that always ends in giggles.Buy it here, or make your own mega-board out of an old bed sheet and magic markers or construction paper circles.The bigger your homemade board, the more people can play at once.While the music's playing, everyone has to shake their booties off - and when the music shuts off, anyone who doesn't freeze in place is eliminated.The winner is the person who lasts on the dance floor the longest. Stand up in a circle and have everyone turn to face the right.Break off into boy/girl pairs, and see which pair can eat their donuts first without using their hands or arms.


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