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Zor-El then altered Kara's memory to forget what she had seen.Later, back on Krypton, Kara was on her way to school when Augo stopped her from going and told her that he had a bad feeling about going.When she lost her memories, she wore white most of the time until her memories and powers were restored.She always wears her Kryptonian bracelet and also a Kryptonian necklace which both hold the symbol for the House of El.

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As a result of having spent time with her actual biological family, Kara was very close to her Aunt Lara and fiercely loyal to her father.Under it she wears a tight suit of which are only visible pants, that are of the same two shades of blue between the groin and outer thighs, she completes her look with a pair of knee-length red boots and a yellow stone as a belt.Also she had the symbol of the House of El printed on her chest.However, Kara had a bit of a rebellious side to her, as well as admitted to sneaking away from Zor-El's watchful eye to have fun: on one particular occasion, this involved a journey to Earth with Aunt Lara.Kara is open-minded, assertive, outspoken, stubborn, has a strong sense of responsibility and duty and is interested in understanding and helping people.Zor-El then told Kara that he was doing it all for Rao's prophecy that had predicted the creation of Brainiac, Zod's war, as well as Krypton's end.


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