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Dr Burridge's research aligns to the University's research themes of .

His research on Population and Landscape Genetics provides information on population connectivity that informs conservation and management activities.

Chris has studied molecular variation in natural populations and species for over 20 years, including four postdoctoral positions in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA.

Chris obtained his Ph D from the University of Tasmania for a study of the evolutionary relationships among a group of marine fishes (cirrhoitds) using molecular approaches. At Texas A&M University and Deakin University he studied genetic variation in exploited marine fishes and freshwater taxa of conservation concern.

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His research interests encompass Biogeography, Population and Landscape Genetics, and Molecular Phylogenetics.

In the marine realm, Chris has studied genetic variation in marine fishes and seabirds, increasing our understanding of the relationships among species and the regions they inhabit (biogeography), and connectivity between exploited or imperilled populations.

Biogeography, Population Genetics, Phylogenetics, Conservation Genetics, Cell Biology Australian Society for Fish Biology Postgraduate International Conference Travel Award, 1999Chris has conducted research collaborations with industry partners to better understand rates of individual movement among populations, and hence population recovery following perturbation.

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Accurate taxonomy is the foundation for improved scientific understanding of the contributions of octocorals to benthic biodiversity and community ecology, and helps inform conservation and sustainable management processes (Watling and France 2011).

The relationship between morphological variation and genetic variation, and the phylogeny and biogeography of the genus will be core elements of my research.


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