Guys big time rush dating anyone

In the season finale, he tries to get James an independent contract but when the boys get back togehter, he kidnaps them and ends up arrested. Both of them visited Carlos at Palm Woods, although in separated episodes. Carlos' dad is a police officer and takes his job very seriously, maybe a little too much. When her father goes rogue, she attempts to clear his name and runs into the boys along the way.

One of the richest men in England, who blames the worlds problems on international disagreements and thus wants to start a revolution.

__Glamour: And how do you know when you really like someone?

__ __James__: I'm a pretty healthy eater, but I know I'm into a girl when I'm going out to get ice cream or have sweets with her.

Well here's the opportunity to find out which one of them will fulfil your needs,wants and dreamzies Are you a BTR (Big Time Rush) fan? Find out who you will meet in you're dreams ;) go ahead,take is stopping you.

Hehe uhm that was a joke..(^_^) Create a quiz on Goto Quiz.

But most of you can't choose between these fabulous,talented 4 guys right??? If you love BTR and you don't know what guy is perfect for you then this guiz is exactly for you.

Breakups are never easy, but "If you're going to break up with somebody, it definitely has to be in person," James says.

"If you're not feeling it, just be honest with yourself and the other person," Kendall tells us.

She is dangerously clever and definitely wise beyond her years. Regardless, there are times when she acts like a normal ten year old girl, but is 100% confident in her plans.

An aspiring actress, one of the most eccentric characters on the show and Logan's on-again/off-again girlfriend.


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