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Here are some online safety tips that parents should think about: Remember, the best thing is to have an open relationship with your children when it comes to social networking. HTD says: Social media can be fun, but if you don’t know how you can protect your children, it can be very dangerous.Don’t impose too many restrictions but also don’t completely let them do whatever they want. Africa, Whatsapp Numbers & Mobile Numbers Singapore, Asia, Whatsapp.Welcome to Geylang in Singapore - The Dark Area - You Tube (https:// E) Mar 29, 2014 SINGAPORE - Step into some parts of Geylang and you might think that...

And once they were over on Kik messenger and chatting, this “stranger” asked to see this child’s privates. From innocently posting photos to being solicited by a pedophile.

So we allowed her to use it with some conditions specifically: We work with her regularly, making sure that she understands why she can or cannot respond to posts/messages and what photos are appropriate to upload and which are not. But this type of thing could happen without these particular specifics. And it could be YOUR kids.***Update: Be sure to read my latest article on the dangers of Ask.fm!

Kids simply do not know what dangers are out there and what kind of creepy people lurk on these new social hangouts. And in fact, this past weekend, my middle daughter and some of her friends encountered one of those situations that my wife and I have been fearing. ******Update #2: See my Social Media Guide for Parents published on 9/27/14***Here’s what happened.

Over the past few years, I have written about security and safety for the family, especially when it comes to protecting your kids from online predators and social bullies.

My wife and I really try to practice what we preach.


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