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Those who do share a view can be confident their response will be kept secret," Jonathan Palmer said.But he also admitted the ABS can't really guarantee against theft from the mail system entirely.They'll work out the fine print sometime next week.Not 100 per cent sure where you'll be when the postal survey is sent out?They'll start going out from September 12, and will be delivered according to proximity.

After their application to the AEC has been accepted, their addresses don't appear on the public rolls anymore.Unless you've switched off entirely from the news, you'll know that Australia is heading towards a voluntary postal survey on the issue of same-sex marriage.The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) will run it with the help of the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC), and ballots will go out as soon as September 12.The ABS "strongly encourages" people send their surveys back by October 27.November 7 is the deadline for getting your votes in - surveys received after that time will not be counted.But be warned - the ABS won't be able to tell you if your postal survey has been received, or how an individual voted.


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