Invalidating a nstimer

You must send this message from the thread on which the timer was installed.

Apple’s current corporate address is one Infinite Loop in Cupertino CA. Starting with the Macintosh and continuing through the Apple watch, every Apple product runs an infinite loop at its heart.There is also a secret many people do not get about Apple’s corporate address. In Watch Kit, There are no properties in the controls — you do everything with a method.This is especially annoying with the timer control you can add to the storyboard.This will clear any active timers, and prevent a possible memory leak. Our current code will need this when we switch manually from run/walk. Add this to your code: // // Interface Controller.swift // Swift Watch Buttons Watch Kit Extension // // Created by Steven Lipton on 4/14/15. You can download a free copy of NSTimer demo from Github.


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