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Tracy & Erica Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Tracy Buchholz, 30, Public Relations and Marketing/ Consultant/Columnist Erica Foltz, 29, Substance Abuse Counselor, Case Manager and Activist Erica and Tracy saw each other around but didn’t formally meet until mutual friends introduced them one night in Philly.Tracy was impressed with Erica’s storytelling abilities and attracted by her smile and laugh. So after a few drinks, I gave her my number, which is not something I normally do!In 2004, Velvetpark applied for the trademark including the by-line "dyke culture in bloom".The United States Patent and Trademark Office rejected the mark on the grounds that the word "dyke" was "immoral and scandalous".Back in the olden days, we only posted one or two posts per day via a creaky FTP publishing tool.Soon after, the site was acquired by Logo and we immediately expanded our content exponentially, hired a full staff of editors and grew into the largest lesbian entertainment site in the world.Erica is heavily involved in the LGBTQ community; she plays softball in the LGBT city league, is active with ACT-UP Philadelphia, and volunteers for Project SAFE, a grassroots organization that does street outreach to female sex workers.Tracy hosts LGBTQ events in and outside of Philadelphia.

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Rapinoe said, "I feel like sports in general are still homophobic, in the sense that not a lot of people are out.

In 2005, Velvetpark amended its application, to have the USPTO recognize the word "dyke" as an accepted and welcomed signifier by the lesbian community.

"Velvetpark, Dyke Culture in Bloom" trademark passed in April 2006.

They have strong senses of social responsibility and hope to inspire other women to become more active in their communities.

Velvetpark: Dyke Culture in Bloom is a lesbian and feminist arts and culture website that regularly features music, literature, theater, fine arts, film, television, and social activism as it impacts queer culture.


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