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Wi-Fi networks can be very secure, all you need is to use WPA2 with AES and choose a very long password. While large companies can run additional server software to provide a unique password to each user of a wireless network, consumers and small businesses are limited to a single password that everyone on the wireless network shares. But a visitor or guest, given the password temporarily, knows it forever.

However, when the guest network is either turned on or off, users get booted off the private network.And the "attached devices" feature of the router that I mentioned earlier, does not indicate which wireless network a device is connected to.On the other hand, each SSID does get its own MAC address.I was both impressed and surprised recently with the security features in a low-end Netgear WGR614 Wi-Fi router.For whatever reason, Netgear does a poor job of touting these features.The router is typically in charge of handing out these dynamically assigned IP addresses.


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