Live granny cam from home

Its specs -- 1080p video (specifically, a 1920x1080, 2-megapixel resolution), night vision, two-way talk, sound and motion alerts, optional Nest Aware cloud services that let you revisit past footage and set activity zones for a fee -- are solid.

A quick side-by-side comparison of Nest Cam with The thing is, it really isn't a fully functioning security camera -- which would be a deal breaker if its video quality wasn't so darn impressive.

This places Nest Cam pretty far on the webcam side of the spectrum, and it also doesn't offer the best value for cloud recording compared with some other models in the same price range.

You can arm and disarm Icontrol's original Piper as well as , and both give you a lot of control over how and when you receive alerts and both come with built-in sirens and free event-based recording.

So when presented with the nanny cam question, we always recommend that a family do what they are most comfortable doing, but always remind them that if having a nanny cam would make them more comfortable, then they should base their decision on THAT comfort level rather than any discomfort they may face when discussing the issue with potential (or existing) caregivers.

It has a full 1080p video resolution, a rotating, magnetic stand, a new app interface as well as a couple of other minor improvements.

It even retails for the same amount as its predecessor.

And, if they happened to spend only a few minutes rifling through my stuff before making an escape, I wouldn't get an alert then, either.

One of the employees found out, and claims it is illegal. But it is firmly recommended you consult with a lawyer to assess the circumstances.

Section 647(1) prohibits, among other things, looking at someone through a hole or opening — be it by camera, binoculars or other instrumentality — when he or she is in a dressing room, tanning booth, bedroom “or the interior of any other area in which the occupant has a reasonable expectation of privacy, (if this is done) with the intent to invade that individual’s privacy.” The statute, however, closes with: “This subdivision shall not apply to those areas of a private business used to count currency or other negotiable instruments.” As such, it may be applicable to your workplace.

But that video must be utilized for a reasonable purpose.

It cannot be an overt invasion of someone’s privacy.


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