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Here now, the Michelin three-star restaurants of France: · All France Coverage on Eater [-E-]· All Michelin Coverage on Eater [-E-] Set in the Alsatian village of Illhaeusern, Auberge de L'Ill is one of the longest-running Michelin-starred restaurants passed down through the decades in the Haeberlin family.The first star came back in 1952, with the third finally bestowed upon the restaurant in 1967. On Monday morning, the Michelin guide unveiled its 2014 list of stars for France, which includes 27 three-star gastronomic temples. As has been done in past years, today Eater takes a look at the Michelin three-star restaurants of France, from Paris to Marseille and everything in between.Listed in alphabetical order, these establishments include restaurants that have been passed through families for generations (Auberge de L'Ill, Maison Troisgros, Maison Lameloise) as well as eponymous restaurants from France's culinary legends (Bras, Paul Bocuse, Pierre Gagnaire, Guy Savoy).Claude de Vert, Prior of Saint-Pierre, Abbeville (d.

The Abbot of Cluny or his representative made annual visitations of the dependent houses, and he had for his assistant in the government of so vast an organization a coadjutor with the title Grand-Prior of Cluny.The reforms introduced at Cluny were in some measure traceable to the influence of St.Benedict of Aniane, who had put forward his new ideas at the first great meeting of the abbots of the order held at Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle) in 817, and their development at Cluny resulted in many departures from precedent, chief among which was a highly centralized form of government entirely foreign to Benedictine tradition.According to the "Bibliotheca Cluniacensis" (Paris, 1614) 825 houses owed allegiance to the Abbot of Cluny in the fifteenth century.Some writers have given the number as 2000, but there is little doubt that this is an exaggeration.The abbey-church of Cluny was on a scale commensurate with the greatness of the congregation, and was regarded as one of the wonders of the Middle Ages.


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