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Urashima Keitaro- A three year ronin who made a promise to a girl while playing for both of them to go to Todai (Tokyo University), get married, and live happly ever after. ) lady, she loves excitment and is Naru's best friend. Aoyama Motoko- "Kendo" as Keitaro called her in the manga for a while. Anime and manga characters will be featured in the Indepth Guide to Love Hina as well as all these characters with much bigger biographies.

___________________________________________________________ 1a. Boy, this is more of a Love Hina FAQ than a game FAQ! Anyway I have finnally finished for the most part the Love Hina series in all it's forms, just a few mangas and the Love Hina Again left for me to read/watch. So for the sake of being complete I decided to add her to the FAQ. This should be the "final" update, but you never know. 3/11/04 VERSION 2.5, yeah I know I said that the last one was the last update but I realized I left out a character from the anime, Moe. Take a peek if you want to, its right after the Character FAQ's. I'd may not have all of them but this is just a start. Anywho I added a new section that contains as many of the attacks used in the manga/anime.


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