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The lower the quality, the less filament required to build each object and the longer each roll of filament will last.

Storing your filament correctly extends the usefulness of the filament.

The higher the resolution, the smaller each layer and the better your object will look. In Low the resolution is .300mm., in Standard the resolution is .200mm, and in High the resolution is .100mm.3D20: There is no door lock or monitoring on the Dremel 3D20.

3D40: On the Dremel 3D40 the doors are monitored, and both doors must be closed to initiate a remote print (from website or App).

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The Dremel 3D Builder builds in 3D which means instead of putting ink onto a flat surface like in regular printing, it builds up material in three dimensions to create an object.

It heats plastic filament and then draws it out in very fine layers.

This is to ensure that the object remains stable throughout building.

See instruction manual for object removal instructions. There are many reasons why objects may not stick to the build platform.


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