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She sends Ruth all dolled up, perfumed, and in her best clothes, to present herself to a sleeping Boaz at the threshing floor in the dead of night.

Ruth proposes marriage, Boaz accepts, and the man who threatens to spoil it all walks away.

But Ruth isn’t Cinderella, and the Bible isn’t teaching fairytales, which won’t preach anyway, not to congregants whose stories aren’t playing out like that.

He is beyond the letter of the law, but not its spirit. If Pastor Driscoll is truly concerned about bringing the message of the book of Ruth to a twenty-first century audience, abandoning the Cinderella motif would easily expand his sermon series to an ongoing exploration of the riches of this brief but utterly relevant book.

Who doesn’t need a powerful story of God’s relentless, unbreakable, fiercely stubborn love?

The story includes refugees, an undocumented immigrant, and raises the issue of the plight of women and girls.

It creates explosive combinations that burst out in gospel living: male and female, rich and poor, powerful and powerless, privileged and vulnerable, Jew and Gentile, and brings an eye-opening gospel perspective to every issue.


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