Mental illness and dating

But within a day or two they'd be gone, and once again he couldn't really say what had happened to them. When he did drive in the initial phases of the mental illness, he got ticket after ticket, but paying them wasn't something he could do.Not because he didn't want to, but because they just weren't part of his reality. It was only when a missing persons report was filed that we even knew he was in jail.One day when he got yet another ticket, the police saw that he had a warrant out for his arrest due to all the unpaid tickets, and he ended up in L. He couldn't remember a phone number of someone to contact to let them know what had happened, so he sat in jail – this poor, sick young man amidst murderers, rapists and violent gang members – until we found out and got him out.

But just three weeks after the initial cancer diagnosis, we got a call that he had died in his sleep.

Well, we tried (we lasted two weeks) and my husband's other brother and sister-in-law tried (to their credit, they lasted a few months).

His mother tried and with her very last bit of savings even bought him a small mobile home in a trailer park not far from her residence. Or perhaps caused by careless placement of a cigarette, one of a 4-pack-a-day smoking habit?

Their behavior is destroying our family/relationship. Like many of us I’m related to a lot of mentally ill people. Stop arranging the desk chairs and get on a damn lifeboat.

There are at least a couple of bipolars and likely a schizophrenic or two hiding in the wings. People who won’t get treatment and continue to hurt you are the Titanic.


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