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At 5’5”, that put Ashley at the second highest body mass index (BMI) on the show at 62.2, which is dangerously obese.

After just one week, however, things started to turn quickly for Ashley as she dropped 21 pounds to get down to 353 pounds.

Ventrella went on A new Biggest Loser was crowned tonight in NBC’s live season finale, which featured inspirational tales of pounds lost, tears shed and lives regained.

Sure, all of the recaps and promotional tie-ins that host Alison Sweeney has to cram in made the night seem a little bloated (sorry! Michael, who began as the show’s heaviest competitor ever at 526 pounds, won the 0,000 prize after dropping an incredible 264 pounds—half his body weight!

She also said that “My advice to the new contestants is take this one opportunity and only focus on ou.

It’s the only chance you will get because once you get home it’s back to real life again.” Because of her strong performance, Johnston was able to sign a deal with drugstore chain Rite Aid to come up with a free weight loss plan that would help people lose 10 percent of their body weight in just 10 weeks.

At first I thought that Ventrella lost the highest percentage of his body weight this season, but that’s not the case.

Things were looking up, and Johnston even found love in the form of fellow contestant Koli Palu.After six months of being able to maintain her weight, Johnston saw the number on the scale creep back up into the 200’s.“I got to the point when I had gained 20 pounds and didn’t want to go to the gym,” she said.The contestants then returned for the finale, and Johnston revealed that she lost nearly half of her body weight, checking in at 191 pounds; a total loss of 183 pounds and about 49 percent of her body weight.Johnston would end up coming in second place to Michael Ventrella, who slimmed down from 526 pounds to 262 pounds, but dropping that much weight and seeing her mother get down to just 119 pounds was a huge win for her.Five years after appearing on “The Biggest Loser”, Johnston no longer operates a weight loss gym, and her weight loss blog isn’t on the internet anymore.


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